Getting the R base program

Google search for “R programming”

Go to Downloads, CRAN, click on a mirror close to you, e.g. UK.

Choose “Download R for Windows”, if this is your OS.

And “Install R for the First Time”.

Download R 3.3.1 for Windows (70MB 32/64bit)

This downloads as an EXE file, which you run with all the default settings to install it onto your PC.

After this install, two shortcuts for R appear on your desktop. One for 32bit and another for 64bit. These shortcuts can be deleted from the desktop as they appear Start Programmes anyway, and you don’t really use this base programme. You’d usually use something more user-friendly, such as R Studio.

Getting R Studio

R Studio is a good IDE type of frontend for using R programming, and us commonly used from demonstrations in documentation, such as dummies books.

Google for “R Studio”. Look for the link to do with the download:

Choose “R Studio Desktop (Free Licence)”

Click into the Installer that is to do with your OS:

“RStudio 0.99.903 – Windows Vista/7/8/10”

After download, install this EXE into your PC.

After the install, in Windows 10, R Studio appears in your start button as recently added. Pin this to your programmes.