In SSIS, the “Send Mail” task can be added to a package to send emails.

The properties can be setup in this way…

In the General tab:

Name: Give the name of of the Task.

Description: Give a description of the Task.

In the Mail tab:

SmtpConnection: SMTP Connection Manager



Cc: Blank

BCc: Blank

Subject: EmailSubject

MessageSourceType: Direct Input

MessageSource: Blank

Priority: Normal

Attachments: C:\FileSource\abc123.xls

In the Expressions tab:

Misc: Blank

Expressions: Blank

The “SMTP Connection Manager” Connection in the “Connection Managers” has to be set up in this way…

Name: SMTP Connection Manager

Description: SMTP Connection Manager

SMTP Server: ServerName

[Tick] Use Windows Authentication

[Untick] Enable Secure Sockets layer (SSL)